Smuggler’s Bounty Superfan Spotlight: Jake Lakin

Our Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Superfan Spotlight series continues with another new winner!! We combed through all of the applications and photos that were sent in and found another collector worthy of the title.

While it was a difficult decision, there could be only one. Your newest Smuggler’s Bounty Superfan is …..

Jake Lakin
Decatur, IL

What is your favorite Star Wars line to collect? How many pieces are in your collection?
My favorite line would be mainly expanded universe figures (Rebels & Legends). I have 57 Star Wars Pop!s in my collection.
Total Pop!s: 121


How long have you been a collector?
Funko Pop!s: Around 2 years now, but I did buy my first pop! way back in 2014. I’ve really been a collector my whole life. There’s just something about Funko that shines above the rest.

Which Smuggler’s Bounty box was your first?
Jabba’s palace was my first box. After I saw the Bounty Hunters box that included one of my favorite characters (IG-88), I knew I had to get in on this. I’ve been a subscriber ever since.


Which Smuggler’s Bounty box was your favorite?
It would be between Rebels or Droids. I loved the inclusion of Captain Rex, who I always wanted a pop of. The updated Maul was way better than the original. Yet, Droids included R5-D4, probably my favorite droid. I always had a soft spot for Skippy, from playing with my dad’s old Kenner figures when I was little. Unfinished 3P0 was also an extremely detailed pop.

What are your favorite Star Wars movies, TV Shows, comic books, etc?
Aside from the movies (which every Star Wars fan loves), I really liked Clone Wars, and by extension Rebels. I’ve been listening to audio books of Legend stories, which are pretty much like radio dramas with sounds and such. My favorite one would probably be Thrawn, for obvious reasons.


What is your favorite Star Wars piece in your collection?
Jeez that’s a tough one. I’d have to go with Grand Admiral Thrawn. After his introduction in Rebels, I fell in love with the character. This made me go back and look at old Legends stories.

What Smuggler’s Bounty box theme would you hope to see in the future?
I’d love a Legends box. Maybe Thrawn with his Ysalmir around his neck. Mara Jade would be cool, or even Leia with her lightsaber.



What is your favorite way to display your collection?
I have all but 3 of my Star Wars Pops out of box. My extra IG88 will stay in box, Muftak was a con exclusive that came in mint condition, and Grevious took weeks to hunt down so I kinda keep him in box as a “trophy”. Other than that, I usually keep my pops by their respective film or show.

Anything else you’d like to add about your collection?
I’d say I collect 50% Star Wars, 50% anything else. I’ve got many other properties I love, but they could never reach Star Wars Status.




Are you the ultimate Star Wars fan / Funko collector?

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