Cantina Box Factory Error?? [SPOILERS AHEAD]

You may have noticed that the Snaggletooth Pop! figures included
in our Cantina box come in two different sizes and colors!

This was an intentional move on our part, but can be traced back to a production issue with the original Snaggletooth figure
manufactured by Kenner in 1978when their toy designers were given a grainy black and white image of the Snaggletooth
character before 
the first Star Wars film was released. Since the Kenner designers were left to their own devices,
they created a human-height Snaggletooth figure wearing blue.

However, Snaggletooth appears in the film as a three-foot-tall creature in a red costume, which caused
Kenner to scrap the original Snaggletooth design and create a separate figure altogether.

We pay homage to Kenner’s Blue Snaggletooth figure – one of the rarest Star Wars figures in the world – by
including the Blue Snaggletooth Pop! in one out of every five Cantina boxes. Some things never change.